SEO Hero: Brian Dean From Backlinko

If you haven’t heard about Brian Dean from Backlinko, you should really check him out.

Brian Dean is by far my number 1 SEO Hero.

seo hero Brian Dean

The following are some really incredible SEO techniques that he’s created. I’ve personally tested, replicated and, proved many of these SEO strategies to work.

The Skyscraper Technique

Brian Dean is probably most well known for creating this absolutely phenomenal online marketing technique. The skyscraper technique is one of the strategies I’ve actually used and have accomplished rankings for some of my clients. Tutorial and case study here:


Brian is also known for coining the term Guestographics

The Guestographic outreach method is basically outreaching with an infographic and achieving backlinks in the process.

Here’s how it’s done 

Step 1: Post an infographic on your site

Step 2: Find sites that write about your infographic’s topic

Step 3: Show them your infographic

Step 4: Offer them unique content

Step 5: Get your contextual backlinks

This is How Brian Explains it

Guestographic Requirements (And Template)

A) 7-10 data points.

2) Outreach with

Hi name,

I was on the hunt for some “topic” and found “name”

I really like that you emphasize the importance of “topic”
(it’s easy to overlook with all the info about “blank and blank”!).

Actually, I just put together an infographic about “topic”

As someone who writes about “topic” quite a bit I thought you may get a kick out of it 😀

Let me know if you want to check it out.

(your name)

If yes follow up with:

Great, (name)

Here’s a link to the infographic: (link)

Also, let me know if you ever want to post the infographic on your site.
I’ll be happy to write a “mini guest post” just for you!

(your name)

The Complete SEO Tool List

Brian has made some pretty huge achievements but one of his biggest is this list of over 184 SEO tools he’s personally tested. If that’s not enough, I have a few extra SEO and SMM reviews on my podcast for you to check out 🙂

History Of Brian Dean

Brian started out writing huge sales pages for weight loss websites. He’s now turned the ability to write extensive content about weight loss into publishing massive amounts of content about SEO.

history of backlinko

One of the reasons Brian ranks his articles so well is because of the tremendously positive user signals he generates.

Why are his user signals so amazing? 

Brian uses psychology techniques in his posts that are proven to keep people on his pages and clicking his titles in the SERPS over his competitors.

First, Brian recommends you optimize your titles with power words and include CTA’s in parentheses. This is suppose to help improve CTR’s.

Second, he says you should break up your content into bite size chunks. This will help people easily read your content and keep your AVG TOS high.

Third, analyze when your pages are getting high drop off rates with content analytics and heat maps. Wherever people are dropping, improve that area with something enticing like, “but wait there’s more.”

Finally, Brian is a big fan of great design and multimedia so he puts quotes in special text boxes, sprinkle high quality images throughout his posts, and includes video wherever possible.

Strategy and Interactions With Brian Dean

I’ve actually been trying to outreach to Brian for over a year with hopes that i’d either collaborate with him or get him for an interview.

So far all I’ve got is him as a friend on Facebook and a few responses on Twitter.
brian dean facebook message

I don’t blame him. 

How can he have time to respond when most of his posts are over 5,000 words!

Which is why I’m using a strategy known as “Ego Bating” in this exact post. Ego bating is the process of creating content about the person that you’re trying to outreach to which will hopefully entice them to read or respond to said ego bait (also, hello there Brian 🙂 )

But wait there’s more.

The other reason I’m creating this post is to of course create a link silo infrastructure back to the page I’m trying to rank for the keywords “SEO Hero” for the Wix challenge.

and finally, I’m also getting some great content to share 🙂


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