SEO Hero: Rand Fishkin From Moz

Rand Fishkin from Moz is easily the coolest SEO Hero I’ve ever met.

Why is he so cool?

Because he’s running one of the largest SEO SAAS companies in the world and is extremely modest about it.

Not only that but he provides unique SEO tutorials every Friday with a series called WhiteBoard Friday or WBF for short.

SEO Hero Rand Fishkin

I’ve actually had the pleasure of interviewing Rand several months ago and I can honestly say he’s even cooler to talk to in person.

Here’s the interview:

Rand’s Unique Accomplishments

Rand and his mother Gillian started back in 2004 under the name The purpose of this site was to provide it’s readers with high quality SEO tips and tricks.

Moz analytics

After achieving many viewers Rand decided it would be a good idea to obtain a product to sell to said fan base.

Thus, Moz pro, a complete set of SEO tools was born.

Another one of his huge accomplishments is an application known as Moz local.

moz local

Moz local is an amazing local SEO tool that I highly recommend to anyone who’s trying to get their local rankings up.

All you have to do is plug your GMB listing into the tool and Moz local will help correct your inconsistent or incomplete data on main local indexing platforms with it’s connected API’s.

Side Topic: Rand Usually Responds On Twitter and Moz WBF’s

Which is why I make sure to turn on Twitter notifications for him and try to interact with him when I get the chance. notifications

Rand’s Biggest Accomplishment Yet

I think we can all agree that aside from Rand’s mad skills at SEO, the real quality that takes the cake is his majestic mustache.

rand fishkin mustache

Let’s be honest here, how can you not be spectacular at SEO with a mustache like that?

Do you have any other accomplishments you’d like to add?

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